World Championships, Expectations Rising.

The road to the Keyforge World Championship is starting to gain momentum, and the community is starting to get excited about the event. The information released so far is that the event will be held from May 7th to May 9th at the River Centre in St. Paul, Minnesota. FFG stated that there would be three people for each team, and only one invite required per team. Alex Watkins, the director of Organized Play for Fantasy Flight Games, the creators of Keyforge, has stated that it will be an Archon event and that the roles will be Triad, Best of Three, and Adaptive. 

This road to the World Championship is one that many people in the Keyforge competitive scene have been working hard to navigate. The expectations and excitement to be part of the first-ever World Championship for Keyforge have been growing on an international level. Top 4 of the Grand Championships from different countries throughout Asia, Europe, North America, South America, and Australia. The champions earn an invite and a flight voucher to attend the World Championship and 2nd through 4th receive an invite. There is also a Vault Tour series that will see the top 100 players in ranking getting an invite, and finally, you can win a local prime event to earn a ticket to play. Fantasy Flight Games has made the event as accessible as possible for people who play competitively. This formula will guarantee that people who do their due diligence will get their ticket to play and make the World Championship. This event is as inclusive as possible for all the players who want to attend. There will even be last chance qualifiers as well for people who haven’t qualified the first day of the event. So, the real question is, what is the road like to this World Championship? 

George Specht, a top 100 player from a team, called the United Archons, believes” Keyforge is very welcoming and playing it is a cheap hobby. Traveling and playing in larger-scale events can add up, but it is optional as not all players play at a highly competitive level. The competitive scene is what I prefer, but I have played in primes as well, and I believe that it is good to see that there are different avenues to qualify. The cost of entry to the game though itself is only ten dollars, and from there, you get to choose the level at which you want to participate, and there is a qualification process for all levels to get invites to Worlds.” 

This mindset seems to be the consensus of most players, and the Keyforge community is top tier in inclusiveness and hospitality. Specht also believes that “Big community is really good for any game and the more, the merrier, and that going to worlds there will be a good portion of the community involved, and I like more competition, so everyone is welcome. I am not one that wants to see exclusiveness to the tournament, and when you get there, it is how you play that gets you to the title.”

Z Smith the leader on the Top 100 Leaderboard and captain of the most successful team on the circuit, Team SAS, believes, “ The community is very inclusive, teams share information and strategy openly with the community, and the only real benefit that comes from teams is a larger deck pool to share.” Smith adds, “There is a higher level of expectation of that comes with teams, and being accountable to the community is something that adds extra pressure with all eyes on you.” Teams do a lot for the game. They create content, they produce tournaments for people to play online, and they drive the passion of the player base. So, it is exciting that the World’s Championship is going to be a team event as it encourages the community to the best representation that it possibly can be. 

Keyforge is on a roll, and Worlds is not far off, and the excitement is growing. Worlds will not be just a premium event for competition but also a celebration of the best parts of the game. The team event will be structured to create a fun, competitive play environment as some players like Z Smith are going to play with their family and friends. Smith told me, “This is going to be a great family bonding event and something we as a family can remember forever. That is the best memory I could ever ask for.” And this is the spirit of the Keyforge community, where you will find a wide range of players and great cultural diversity.

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