Things change. That is this way of life. Growth, lessons learned, experience gained, all contributions to the progression of change. So I guess it is not that strange that cards in KeyForge would also change as new sets reprint old cards from the previous releases, and new life is breathed into these cards based on the meta a set can create. Now some of these cards were not the greatest before, and have evolved into something more playable, and others that were quite good, and have gotten even better! It is quite interesting that a new set grouping of cards can lead to a change in the impact of a particular card we are familiar with, especially if in the past there has been very little success with said card(s). As I explore some of these reprinted cards that are reappearing in Worlds Collide, I just want to go over some ground rules for my exploration. Firstly, I’m not covering every reprinted card, just ones that have had a positive uptick in WC. So any cards that may have gone backward will not appear here, just the ones moving forward. If anyone disagrees with my assessment, feel free to reach out, I’m always up for a discussion. So let me dive right in!

I want to lead things off with the card that started this article in the first place, and that is CUTTHROAT RESEARCH. I never liked seeing this card is any of my AoA decks, as it always fell short from firing, and you were left with just the æmber pip. Now in Worlds Collide, with the number of cards that create key cost increases, this card can do actual work! It’s not going to win any awards, except maybe for Most Improved Card—maybe, but it now isn’t a dead card in your card pool. In WC, Cutthroat Research has a much better chance of firing for three æmber, two of it stolen from your opponent. I myself have pulled this feat off a few times, and now I’m no longer surprised when it does; it actually feels like the norm in Worlds Collide. Thanks, Edai, Garcia, Gallum & co. 

PILE OF SKULLS has received a big boost in Worlds Collide, not that it needed it, Skulls was always a pretty stellar card. But now with board wipes like Axion of Grisk and Festering Touch, this card can put in work to protect your creatures by adding an æmber on them. The one downside is your deck contains Brobnar. Unfortunately, Brobnar is not the strongest house in WC, and given the choice, I’m sure most of us would like a different house in place of Brobnar for the trio.

Now SELWYN THE FENCE is a great example of a card in CotA that you would state “this thing never fires!” Even when Selwyn is out, you really never thought twice about it as a threat. But in Worlds Collide, there is a whole lot of æmber sitting on creatures waiting to be transferred to your pool. Selwyn becomes more of an issue and can take advantage of all the Exalting the Dino’s are doing. I honestly can’t recall ever having success with this card in CotA, but now in this WC world, we have more resources on the battle-line to be reclaimed via Selwyn, huzzah! 

HYSTERIA has always been a powerful card, but with the amount of Exalted æmber because of the Dino’s, this card can be better than a board wipe, and result in huge æmber swings for you. Not only that, but it can also swing the tempo of the game, especially if you have other Dis cards that were returned back in hand to play out. Plus if your opponent is looking for cards to be drawn still as answers, this will slow their draw ability until they play out multiple houses, from their hand. On the downside, this works both ways, so if you have a Saurian Exalting deck as well, the timing of this card will be everything. Nonetheless, it still is a powerful tool to have your disposal in any given game.

NATURE’S CALL is in a similar vein to Hysteria, but in my opinion even greater! It is arguably one of the top cards from CotA and has been reprinted in all three sets released thus far. In WC this card is perfect to target your opponents Dinos with lots of æmber on them, as removal targets. This also gets around “Invulnerable,” which although is not common, only appearing on a couple of Anomaly cards, could pose a big issue, so Nature’s Call can help temporarily get around that, or in the case of the upgrade, remove it. Being able to choose three targets is value, and selecting between your creatures and your opponent’s makes this card so incredibly versatile in a Worlds Collide meta!

Next up is EXHUME. With all the play abilities in this set, this card is even better than in AoA, and that is saying something! Having Dis, Star Alliance is an amazing combination of houses for Exhume to choose from. The amount of house cheating that can occur with Exhume within these two houses is next level. Not to mention being able to recur Infurnace, which in my opinion is one of the top Dis æmber control cards of this set! The ability to purge problem cards, and make your opponent lose æmber if the cards have a pip on them, is so good! Also, so many Star Alliance creatures have “Play” abilities, so there are a lot of possibilities to use Star Alliance creatures during your Dis turn with Exhume. An already good card having even more value in Worlds Collide.

Anyone who knows me, knows that PIRANHA MONKEYS have become my spirit animal in KeyForge. In Worlds Collide they have an immense value with the addition of the Ward mechanic. There are fewer cards that deal mass damage in this set with no Ammonia Clouds, Poison Wave, or Whistling Darts being able to deal with pesky Ward counters on multiple creatures. So popping the Ward before being able to truly remove them can be really tiresome. But low and behold, Piranha Monkeys can come to the rescue. Not only do they have the Play ability to deal two damage to everything, they also can Reap to do it again. I’m excited to see this card in my Untamed list in a Worlds Collide deck. Take that Warding!

Last card I wanted to give an honorable mention to is BAD PENNY. Now this card still isn’t good, but Penny has new life in WC. With both Vindas providing either a steal or discard ability if you destroy a creature with their one damage Reap ability, Bad Penny can get a lot of use, especially if you have multiple Vindas firing off on Penny. Again, still not great, but more utility than we have seen in the past. I’ve also noticed that Bad Penny seems to appear more so when you have Vindas in your deck, which is kinda cool.

Are there any reprinted cards that have been given new life in Worlds Collide that you enjoy more so now? Let me know! Comment below, or reach out on Twitter or Instagram @blvdPAPERFIGHT, I’d love to hear your new experiences with old cards in Worlds Collide decks. As always, may your æmber never be stolen, and you forge your keys promptly. Have a good one.

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