It is out there! You know it, you can feel it in your soul. That perfect deck with all the pieces to the puzzle your brain has thought of. As a result, you know there is an Archon card just waiting to be discovered by you, whether it be by adventure or luck, this deck shall be yours! If it costs more than 30 decks combined, or it takes the acquisition of 100 deck displays, you will have your quarry! This is KeyForge. A quest for THE deck. It may not be perfect, but it will be unique, and you will discover its treasures.

Through discovery and imagination, the quest for a unique deck with a particular design begins. This deck will have the right combination of cards, or the desired feel when played to execute a game plan you have thought out. It all begins at some point, and once that spark is lit, come hell or high water, you will have that deck! 

For me, the quest began after a sealed tournament. I find this is the starting point for a lot of quests. The reason being you stumble upon a discovery of a combination of cards. Whether they be apart of the same house or straddle multiple houses, it is being able to see this combination in practice that the initial part of the quest begins. This is one of my personal favorite aspects of the sealed format. You are forced to play a new deck and make discoveries along that tournament journey. A sealed tournament itself is a kind of quest. You are on a journey to figure out what makes that KeyForge deck unique, and how to utilize that particular uniqueness to win each round. Now at the end of the tournament, you also can become aware of the weaknesses that exist in this deck, and this is where the true quest begins.

Equipped with the knowledge of what is missing, you now embark on the journey to see if your own master vault contains an overlooked gem with the pieces already in place just waiting to be utilized. Or maybe it is time to take the quest to the Decks of KeyForge and search if someone is selling a deck, or maybe can be persuaded to part with the deck you are questing for. But alternatively, you may have to take the long road and more expensive path and start cracking decks in search of that special one. This route is definitely the less economical path, but it sure is fun! 

Now, I bet some of you are wondering why you would do this. The whole point of KeyForge is to make the most of what you open, and this process may sound similar to deck building. There are some people who do not like KeyForge because a deck may have a “dead card” within the 36 that exists. This is the point! No matter what you look to find, and how perfect that deck may be once you find it. Inevitably there will be a tradeoff within those 36 cards for the majority of the specifics you are questing for, as nothing is truly perfect. Maybe the quest goes on after you find that initial deck that met your basic criteria in order to find one that is even better!

Now for my own story of how I began my latest quest. I pulled a deck in sealed, and it performed fantastically! It was a Star Alliance, Shadows, Untamed deck with amazing house cheats. When I first opened the deck, I did not see the true potential of it until after my first game and I realized how powerful the house cheating was. CXO Taber and Commander Chan helped execute a game plan I had not tried before. The deck also has a Chan’s Blaster, which is not too shabby! But the main issue with this deck is there are only two cards in Star Alliance that allow me to house cheat, so as great and fun as this deck is, it is lacking the consistency for the pieces of the deck I wanted to run the most, and if I didn’t get those pieces, the deck wasn’t performing as optimally as I would like. Now begins the quest. Since I identified what was missing, I knew I needed more of those cards—or cards similar—in order to find the deck that made sense based on the key traits discovered. So I’m now on my quest looking for this deck, DoK has been set up with parameters for my deck I’m questing for. Patience is all that is required at this point, and the hope that the next sealed event will bestow me with new treasures.

There are certain quests that many people go on simultaneously. These particular quests seem to revolve around a combo or one particular artifact. In AoA it was the Heart of the Forest deck, Proclamation 346E, and Martian Generosity Key Abduction(GENKA) decks. So far in Worlds Collide, the group quests seem to be for Quixxle Stone decks and Cincinnati Rex Golden Spiral decks. What quest are you on? Hit me up on Twitter or Instagram @blvdPAPERFIGHT and let me know your quest, or past quest story. The journey of the acquisition of decks is half of what KeyForge is about! So, as always, may your æmber never be stolen, and you forge your keys promptly. Have a good one!

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