Relationship Goals: An Analysis of KeyForge Decks

Your first deck of KeyForge is like your first kiss- fun, exciting and awkward! You don’t quite know what you are doing yet- but you think you do, or maybe you don’t and just decided to muddle your way through it, but at the end of the day, only through experience will you truly become better at this (hopefully), just like in KeyForge. Oddly enough, our relationships with KeyForge decks are not that dissimilar to relationships in real life. You need to get know your decks, you can be attracted to decks that you aren’t good with, and even get caught up in the moment buying a deck on impulse just to play with that night. So let’s dive a little deeper into the juxtapositions between KeyForge and relationships so you can consider how this may apply to you and KeyForge.

The one-night-stand, also known as Sealed. It’s fresh, exciting, you generally have a good time! Maybe this particular Archon doesn’t have all the qualities you look for in an ideal partner, but hey, it’s a new experience. Sometimes the next day upon further reflection- or even right after, you feel kind of empty. You now have started this fleeting relationship, and you realize it’s not going to go any further. This relationship can even happen outside of a sealed format; you felt impulsive, grabbed the first deck you saw, and just went for it to have a new experience that night! There is nothing wrong with that, but ultimately it holds less meaning than a deck you took time with. Sometimes these encounters can lead to more lasting relationships, and that’s awesome! But a lot of the time it’s just fun at the moment.

Let’s address the internet dating side of things, also known as, the Secondary Market. You take the time to find a deck that matches the parameters for what you look for in an ideal partner; maybe the perfect match doesn’t appear, but you discover some other traits within that deck that really excites you. You spend some time online with this Archon and find out if you really can see yourself with this deck. There are no commitments, just casual “conversations” seeing if you both are going to be right for one another. This more intuitive way of finding a partner is a growing trend, and even though it takes away the mystery, it also eliminates matches that could be less than ideal for you.
Once you have found that special Archon, it’s best not to rush into things. Take the time to get to know your Archon, understand what they love to do, and more importantly what they don’t like to do! There is nothing wrong spending some time online getting to feel each other out, as mentioned above, internet dating is the real deal! So see if this is a relationship that will work for you or not, it’s better this way than sleeving up that deck for a new commitment you aren’t really interested in. Now that Archon may be the right partner for you, and you may hit some rough patches along the way, and that’s okay, nobody is perfect. Stay committed and work through those issues, figure out the formula that works for both of you. Don’t just jump to conclusions, make sure you know what your Archon’s interests and intentions are.
Once you are committed and on the path of a meaningful long-term relationship, you will start to truly understand the needs of your Archon. At this point, you understand, and even appreciate the idiosyncrasies, as well as the best traits that it possesses. It’s going to be all of these aspects that make your deck, your deck! That’s why it’s special.

So here is the real question, do you believe in love at first sight? That moment upon first blush everything just clicks like you have known this Archon your whole life? Have you been lucky enough to be swept away by this feeling? There is nothing like finding that deck that has everything you have been looking for, and the moment you pick it up, everything just clicks. The more you get to know this deck, the more your feelings towards it ring true. What magic this is, sparks fly, you have a big smile on your face every time you are together, it’s blissful!
Now on the flip side, there are some relationships you are drawn to, and these are not good for you. It happens to all of us, and you can get stuck in a pattern of being drawn to the wrong qualities in an Archon. Their way of being is the opposite of how you want to be, but they have one or two aspects that you are completely drawn to, so you have to go for it! At the end of the day, you aren’t seeing the results you want from this relationship, and you realize you aren’t having fun anymore, and at this point, it doesn’t matter how attractive those aspects were, it isn’t good for you.
Moving on, maybe it’s time to take a risk, try out a new deck that you would never go for, you just might be surprised. You might even realize that the Archon you are meant to be rolling with has been there all along, one of the first ones you were introduced to, and you didn’t take the time to get to know it, the deck-next-door, so to speak. You never will know if you don’t give it a shot. Take a risk, you deserve true happiness!
At the end of the day, the most successful relationships are ones that have stood the test of time. Most tournament winners have been with their Archon for over 200+ matches, some over 500! How much time have you spent building your relationship, or are you just hopping around from one Archon to the next? Stay committed and work through your issues, discover your rhythm. You will never find lasting happiness trying a new flavor-of-the-month, it takes time to get know the cards and all the possible interactions you can have with them, and only then will you start being comfortable with your Archon, and having a great time!

-Blake aka blvdPAPERFIGHT

Hope you have enjoyed this article. You can find me on Twitter @blvdPAPERFIGHT, and as always, may your æmber never be stolen, and you forge your keys promptly. Have a good one!

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