Keyforge’s Alternate Reality

  May 7th – 9th 2020 will commence the first-ever Keyforge World Championship at the St. Paul River Centre in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This gathering will be for all the players who have reached the top 100 on the Vault Tour player board or have won an invitation through a Prime Championship. Each qualified person can bring two extra players to serve as teammates. There will be a single and team world prize awarded to the best single-player effort and team effort. 

      Keyforge has been released for a little bit over a year now. Keyforge is a game that has picked up in popularity at a steady rate since its release. The game is a project by Magic the Gatherings revolutionary creator Dr. Richard Garfield. Back in 1994, Dr. Garfield took launched a new genre for gamers by creating a collectible card game that set the mark for a unique niche in the gaming world. Twenty-five years later, Dr. Garfield has seen many failures and successes. These attempts modeled the concepts that his original game brought to the table and has focused his efforts to take it to a new level and turn the collectible card game market on its head. Keyforge is the first Collectible Deck Card Game

As you can see in the chart above, there are 868 unique card options in the game according to the Decks of Keyforge database, and to create a deck, the algorithm uses three of the houses and 12 cards from its pool of cards. It is easy to see how there are a massive amount of options and diversity of the game. This approach keeps the game from ever being stale based on everyone playing one deck at a time. The second shifting concept in the game is that in the traditional collectible card game, the power level of the best cards settles in at the highest rarity. This concept in collectible card games creates a secondary market that can get very expensive and costly to keep up with the shifting metagames. In Keyforge, the most powerful cards are often common. This concept means that all decks have a good chance of playing the best cards, and the uncommon and rarest card slots serve as flavor and stylistic choices. This concept is unique and revolutionary in the collectible card game world as this approach levels the playing fields in a way that no other game has done before. According to an article in Game Studies, when players engage in a game at which one person pushes towards victory. At the same time, the other marches to defeat the critical factor to the game being fun is the idea that the game was fair, and both people had a chance to win. Keyforge excels at this as the person piloting the deck can make a significant difference, but no one is unbeatable. 

      Keyforge also acts as a social catalyst for people in an age where the internet is holding people’s attention longer and longer. The things that games like Keyforge do for the players that play it are increased social interaction and helps to develop key educational tools like logic progression, math, reading comprehension, and conflict resolution. The educational aspects of games like Keyforge and the social outlets are something that is more needed with the current attention span of children today.

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