Keyforge losing a Cornerstone

Brad Andres of Fantasy Flight Games(FFG), lead designer and face for Keyforge, has officially resigned from his potion at FFG and has declared he is moving on to new adventures. Brad’s sense of humor and enjoyment for cryptic clues were his trademark. The amount of work invested in creating this game is one that we all appreciate. Danny Schaefer will be Brad’s replacement, but the question at hand is, what does this mean for the future of Keyforge?

Farewell and following seas, you will be missed Brad.

All games, in the beginning, have people associated with them that make a mark and help usher in the new era. In the gaming community, it is not uncommon to have turn over of top people. The stress of this particular departure is coming off the recent layoffs that FFG has implemented. This downsizing has already seen announcements of some of the games FFG had supported shutting down. (see Star Wars Destiny) Danny Schaefer was a lead designer on the FFG Game of Thrones series and took that game to a popular gaming niche, but with the end of the storyline on HBO, no progression in this game is logical. So he is a competent and qualified successor for Brad. With Game of Thrones ending, there is another popular game that is shutting down for FFG to raise even more worry for the Keyforge community. We have seen the doomsayers start to prophesize the end, but it wouldn’t be the first time.  The beauty of Keyforge is the evolution of the game and the way that it has started to turn haters into appreciators; once they overcome their stigmas and biases and experience the best that Keyforge has to offer, then their opinions change.

With all the negatives highlighted, what signs do we have that FFG is not giving up on their games? Legend of the Five Rings is a fan favorite, and a story-driven entirely in the same format as Game of Thrones. The difference is that it is a fictional world that the players directly influence the outcomes of the stories. This feature makes for an extremely loyal following of players. The game has been a staple at FFG since September of 2017. There is also a role-playing game that has just announced a new supplement to be released soon. So all the right signs are in place here for longevity. The key details to this are that it is a fictional game that can grow while still being created at FFG as they have the intellectual property rights to the game. This dynamic is a similar trend in Keyforge. Keyforge made its release approximately one and a half years. The first-ever World’s Championship is on May 7th to the 9th, and organized play is looking to improve its quality every day. The sales of Keyforge are stable for a new game, and the immediate recognition of the game as an industry and fan favorite at Origins in 2019. The growth of the game is slow and steady and creates a logic that says that there would be a bewilderment of why FFG would fail to support the growth of this game. Everyone has a right to an opinion, but more than not, it should have some reason or logic behind it. How do you feel about this situation? Regardless we thank Brad Andres for all his efforts and wish Danny Schaefer nothing but the best in his new endeavors

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