Key Cowboy – Merry Forgemas to All

When this gets posted, I will be on vacation with my family enjoying Christmas. Since I won’t have time to write a full article, I wanted to use this time to reflect on what Keyforge has meant to me since I started playing.

I started playing in the summer of 2019 – roughly a month before Vault Tour Gen Con. I was mostly a casual player – I loved playing on the table top over some pizza with my friends Jonathan and Mike, who taught me the game. We went to a couple local tournaments – competitiveness is in my blood so I couldn’t help but try to find out if I was actually any good at this keyforging thing. I remember being amazed at how friendly and laid-back everyone was. Don’t get me wrong – there were lots of good and competitive players – but there was a sense of camaraderie.

Vault Tour GenCon is where I really got hooked, though. I got to play against amazing opponents and had the chance to play on stream at the end of day 1. Making day 2 of my first Vault Tour really showed me that I did have some skill, that I could put more into this game and maybe get more out of it. I was really thankful for having several friends cheering me on both at the Vault Tour and from home, watching my game on stream.

Getting the opportunity to be content creator here at Archon’s Corner has been a great experience. I’ve been able to get to know other ACers like Wookie, Z, and JusticeBlinded, satisfy my itch to create (I used to write articles for back in my college days). But most importantly, I got to feel like I was contributing to this community. To this game that I feel like has the potential to explode in growth over the next year. If I made even a minuscule difference to a single reader out there, it’s been worth it.

The end of the year was not the easiest in my personal life. I parted ways with my girlfriend of three years and had to relearn how to live on my own. But the week that we split, I had a planned trip to Indianapolis for the Vault Tour. Even though I didn’t fare as well as I had at Gen Con (4-2 but who’s counting), it ended up also serving as a guy’s weekend trip for me and my friend Jonathan – who, by the way, made the Top 4 and won our local prime. Getting to be around this community and have something else to focus on – I can’t express how important that was to me at that time. Whether I’m in this game 5 more years or 5 more minutes, I’ll always be grateful for that weekend.

Final Thoughts

I recorded the video below after writing last week’s episode. I kind of winged it though so I definitely didn’t get to thank three very important groups of people:

  1. You, my readers / watchers / fellow archons. You’re who I’m doing it for.
  2. The Archon’s Corner Family, especially Wookie – who gave me this opportunity; Z – who has been very encouraging and helpful; and JusticeBlinded – who has also been helpful and posted my articles when I was first getting started.
  3. Awesome Keyforge podcasters that I’ve listened to and learned from. I probably can’t list them all but shout out to: Archon’s Corner (of course), Bouncing Deathquark, Help from Future Self, Sanctumonious, 5th Planet Keyforge, and KeyChargers.

Anyways, thanks for a great 2019 and I hope you enjoy my final thoughts for this year.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,

Key Cowboy

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