Fuzzy Gruen Contest Winner

Snufflegator gazed at the Fuzzy Gruen in the distance. He scanned the premises making sure no other creature, robot, nor cyborg would be close to this Gruen he had been watching for a while. Snufflegator saw no one, he was relieved. Snufflegator had been watching this Fuzzy Gruen, named Oakley, for a while because it was in his nature to watch over unsuspecting prey. Oakley knew that the Snufflegator was watching him but he moved along. Oakley’s parents always told him to be careful around Snufflegators and other untamed creatures because “you never know what they might do.” His parents were protective of him due to Oakley’s deformed tentacle. It had always put Oakley at a disadvantage. If anything were to happen out in the Kurnois Bog, Oakley would not be able to swim to get out because of it. 

Nearby, Dr. Escotera presents his plan to find animals to “save” from the Bog. His band of scientist gather their scientific instruments and go “research.” As they approach the Bog, they spot Oakley playing in the Bog grass alone. Dr. Escotera walks to Oakley and reaches out to grab his tentacle. Oakley says “who are you?” 

“I am Dr. Escotera and I want to help you, youngling.”


“I can help restore your tentacle, youngling.” 

“Really? I would love that.” 

“Then comes with me.” Dr. Escotera squeezes Oakley’s tentacle and takes him.

Oakley grows scared as he knows he is to be careful around creatures but what about cyborgs? Snufflegator in the distance sees what is occurring and makes his move. 

Dr. Escotera puts Oakley on his table and grabs his tools. Oakley asks, “what are doing?” 

“I am helping, youngling, remember?” 

“How? I don’t like those weapons you have.”

“These are not weapons, youngling, they are tools. Now sit back.” More cyborg scientist come around Oakley and hold him down. Oakley yells! “Help!” Dr. Escotera grabs his knife and starts to cut off a piece of his deformed tentacle, puts some green goo on it and puts it through a machine. Ding! The machine finished and prints out the results. “Interesting reaction, but what does it mean?” 

A loud noise echoes through the lab! Bam! Snufflegator breaks through the door and grabs Oakley in his teeth! Dr. Escotera shouts “don’t you eat him, you beast! Put him down!” Snufflegator puts Oakley down to headbutt Dr. Escotera to the ground and Snufflegator takes no damage. He repeats the attack, still receiving no damage! Snufflegator grabs Oakley in his mouth again and runs out of the lab to the Bog. Oakley says to him “you saved me.” Snufflegator smiles.

“All this time, I thought you were watching over me because you wanted to eat me. But really, you were watching over me because you cared about me. How can I ever thank you?”

Snufflegator grabbed Oakley and threw him on his back. They rode around the Bog laughing. “Thanks again for saving me Snufflegator, you truly are my hero.” Snufflegator smiles.

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