It is safe to say that the COVID-19 virus is something on everyone’s mind. The spread of this disease seems to be the main issue of concern. So with that being said, I wanted to put a guideline together on some practical ways we can still play KeyForge IRL in a safe manner.

The most important action to be taken is to wash your hands correctly before matches. The standard practice of taking 20 seconds to do so using soap and hot water making sure you get the back of your hands, in-between your fingers, and scrubbing your nails on the palms of your hand should be done with this practice. Doing this when you enter your game store right away is a great habit to get into.

Next, only use your own tokens. Any time you capture æmber, use your own to represent that and have your opponent just subtract that amount of captured æmber from their pool, while you put æmber from your own common supply onto the desired creature(s) to account for the capture. Also, only touch your own cards. Even if you have something that requires you to take an opponent’s card, like Collar of Subordination, use a card like a chain tracker to represent that, and set the card you should have taken off to the side as a reference. Along with this idea of only touching your own cards also comes the need to cut your own deck instead of your opponent doing this action. Ask your opponent how they would like your deck cut; in half, the majority with a few from the bottom going on top, or a few from the top going on the bottom, or even mashed shuffled a few times. By not touching other player’s cards and tokens, you are eliminating any form of cross-contamination in that way. This goes for reading Archon cards as well. Look but don’t touch. 

Post or Pregame handshakes should be suspended during this time. Just a friendly “Good Luck’ or “Good Game” should suffice. Any measure to reduce the potential of cross-contamination should be observed, as well as avoiding touching your own face directly, and if you sneeze or cough, do so into your sleeve or better yet a tissue or napkin.

Some communities have been running tournaments via TCO instead of being played IRL. If you can send a TO your profile and QR codes they can scan them into GEM, and then the tournament can run via communicating in a chat. All the ways it is possible to still play KeyForge in this climate.

In closing, I personally feel in my community, here in Vancouver BC, that stopping IRL is not needed at this point, but those concerned should obviously do what they feel is in their own best interests. If you or your community decide to continue playing KeyForge at your LGS, follow these guidelines for safe practice playing KeyForge, and give yourself greater peace of mind while playing. I hope everyone finds this helpful if you have any other suggestions to add to this, feel free to reach out to me through Instagram or Twitter @blvdPAPERFIGHT. As always, may your æmber never be stolen, and your keys forged promptly. Have a good one!

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