Deck of the Week Episode 9 – Worlds Collide Makes a Splash

Hello and welcome back for episode 9 of Deck of the Week. At this part of my usual rotation I’d look a deck I personally own, but events in the Keyforge world dictate that I must adjust. That’s because we had a big splash last weekend during PAX Unplugged – Worlds Collide took down the Archon Vault Tour.

Before I go any further I absolutely must give a HUGE congratulations to Justin from TableTopRoyale, who piloted Litetasker, Market Sheriff (link to decklist) to a first place finish! Justin wrote an excellent event and deck recap on the Keyforge Reddit that I highly recommend reading: link to  Justin’s recap. Justin has a great Twitch stream called TableTopRoyale that you should definitely check out!

The fact that Worlds Collide took down the very first Vault Tour for which it was legal is a VERY big deal. Let’s not forget that during the Age of Ascension, an AoA deck never took down an Archon Vault and only made the finals once. Many content makers speculated that Worlds Collide would be competitive, but I don’t know if anyone predicted it would make a splash this quickly! I played in a Prime Championship (finishing 4th) and both decks in the finals were Worlds Collide. I think over 75% of the field was Worlds Collide, actually, so make sure you have a plan against dinosaurs and EDAIs.

So, let’s break down Litetasker, Market Sheriff (amazing name, by the way).

Something that immediately sticks out to me is that this deck is somewhat unconventional – it only has 6 printed aember and not a whole lot of aember generation (14). It doesn’t have huge creatures or a lot of creature control. In his write-up, Justin talks about how he used these “weaknesses” to his advantage by carefully controlling the amount of aember in his pool to prevent CoTA stealing and instead focusing on exploiting the strengths of his deck: high aember control and high efficiency. Let’s look at the percentile rankings:

I think we can learn something very important from Justin here: even a Vault Tour-winning deck isn’t good at everything. The key is to focus on the strengths and think about how you can turn the weaknesses into an advantage.

Let’s see what makes this deck tick, house by house.

Dis: If I got handed this archon card, I think the Dis would make my stomach turn. First of all, you’ve got the incredibly disruptive and annoying combination of TWO Infurnace, Hysteria, and Not Finished With You. On top of that, two Snag and a Snaglet are going to make life very nerve-wracking for the opponent.

Logos: Double Eyegor is going to make this deck work like a machine. EDAI helps pump up the key cost (with the help of double Library of the Damned in Dis and Tautau Vapors) while Cutthroat Research is there to provide some aember swings. Hologrammophone and Titan Guardian provide important protection to annoying creatures in all houses.

Shadows: I have seen firsthand the insane shenanigans that Ronnie Wristclocks + Kymoor Eclipse can lead to. And this deck has two Ronnies! It also has Too Much to Protect, which is somehow better now than it has ever been thanks to all the key cost increases. Sneklifter is amazing as always, and double J. Vinda with a Bad Penny is absolutely no joke. This Shadows house has a LOT going for it.

So, in short, each house plays its part and has some of the most powerful cards / combinations to help it do its job. It is definitely interesting that the first Worlds Collide deck to take down a VT did not feature either new house, Saurian or Grand Star Alliance.

Let’s See it In Action!

But enough hypothesizing! Let’s see what this thing does in action. To do that, I took the deck through three competitive games on the Crucible. Let’s see if things play out as expected.

Game 1:

Game 2:

Game 3:


Wow, that deck was a lot more challenging to pilot than I expected. There are always so many choices to make! Especially between Eyegor and Infurnace. This deck is very skill testing due to its grindy nature and low aember generation, which is a huge testament to the pilot who took this all the way to the top of the Vault Tour.

Disappointed to go 1-2, but sometimes that’s how it goes. I think with a few more games under my belt, at least one of those two losses could have been prevented.

Final Thoughts

This week’s final thoughts – an update on how my Prime Championship went and my Worlds eligibility. As promised, I also have the videos of the PAX finals so you can watch Justin pilot this deck to victory – shout out to Bouncing Deathquark for the great PAX footage.

PAX Finals:

Part One:

Part Two :

Thanks for reading!

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