Deck of the Week – Episode 7 Is This the Worst Deck in Keyforge? (The Sequel)


Hello and welcome back to the deck of the week column! Each week, I’ll highlight a new deck: a recent winner of a premiere event, a deck that personally intrigues me, or maybe even a deck suggested by you, my awesome reader! Leave comments below if you have any deck suggestions.

Avid readers will quickly realize there is method to the madness of my deck selection – that is, I have a rotation. Great deck – terrible deck – weird deck – my deck. Like a Keyforge version of one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish. This rotation currently puts me on terrible deck, so it is time for a sequel to “Is This the Worst Deck in Keyforge?”, likely the most popular article I’ve ever written (link in case you missed it:

A lot has happened since September 14th as it relates to how decks are rated: SAS has undergone multiple revisions, more decks have been opened, and oh, by the way, there’s a whole new set with new cards. So, we must once again go in noble search of the worst deck (read: best reversal deck) in Keyforge. As I did last time, I let SAS do the work for me. And that’s how I found the absolute beauty that is Traptaflinch, the Sheriff of Demolition (link to decklist).

Where do I begin? How about the name. Sheriff of Demolition?!!?! This deck was destined to end up in my column! Let’s get a look at the base numbers:

38. Thirty-eight. Thirty. Plus eight. 38. That’s the SAS score on this deck. I’m in love.

One could say there is limited aember control – that 3.5 is made up of Little Rapscal, a Screechbomb, and 2x Mindwarpers. So, there is absolutely no out-of-hand aember control at all. If the opponent checks, they’re getting a key unless you’ve planned a couple turns ahead and somehow kept these options alive. Aember generation isn’t much better – this deck actually has six printed aember, but one of them doesn’t totally count because it’s Life for A Life, which sets you back an aember-generating creature. I think this is where I say “oof”. Oof.

One thing this deck is apparently very good at is creature control. Triple Cowards End, Rock-Hurling Giant, two Special Delivery, two Mothergun, and other things… make for a solid, if slow, creature control suite. The path to victory with this deck is probably just to land a bunch of creatures and reap (there are 21 creatures in this deck).

Things probably get better when you look at efficiency though, right?

*Blinking guy meme*. Negative efficiency? Apparently, that’s what 3 Coward’s End, Grommid, and Bad Penny will do. There’s nothing in this deck with a positive effect on efficiency. Not. One. Card.

Here’s the percentile rankings, if you’re wondering:

One more thing…

Or I guess to be totally accurate I should say – six more things.

Yup – the worst deck in Keyforge is a 6x Plague Rat deck. Are we having fun now?

Let’s See It in Action!

But enough hypothesizing! Let’s see what thing does in action. To do that, I took the deck through three casual games on (usually in this column I will play competitive, but I’d like he games to at least have a chance at being interesting). Let’s see if things play out as expected.

Game 1

Game 2

Game 3

Final Thoughts

Well this deck was as bad as anticipated – Grommid is the worst card I’ve ever played with. I somehow snuck out a win by playing to the strengths of the deck and drawing well, but if I played 10 games in the casual room I’d be excited if I won a single game. It’s bad. On the flip side, it’s a great reversal deck! I don’t think this is the worst deck in Keyforge, however, so the search remains.

Cowboy Ramblings

In this new segment I give my ramblings about goings-on in the Keyforge community. This week – initial reactions to Worlds Collide!

Thanks for reading and forge on!

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