Deck of the Week Episode 10 – A Local Brew

Hello and welcome back for episode ten of the deck of the week – we have officially made it to double digits!

This week I wanted to highlight an incredible deck I saw at the archon adaptive Prime Championship I attended two weeks ago. I played against (and with) this deck in the Top 8 and squeaked out a victory against a very, very talented opponent. This opponent was so talented, in fact, he went on to win a different Prime Championship in Newport, Kentucky. Big shout out to Play It Today Games, which hosted the Prime and also held the first competitive Keyforge event I ever attended several months ago. Highly recommend!

Anyways, I was really happy that I got a chance to play this deck in person because it is insanity and fun. Let me introduce you to Piper, Unmixed Jungle Supplicant (link to decklist):

This deck is CRAZY. It has a lethal combination of high aember generation and incredible speed that gives most decks an incredibly small margin for error. The only reason I stood a chance against this deck when I faced it was: 1) I got very lucky that he did not find his third Battle Fleet when he started going off, and 2) I had a timely Creeping Oblivion to purge the first two. Even with that on my side, it was an incredibly close game where I felt that I had many things go my way. When I saw that this deck won the very next Prime, I was not surprised at all. I heard tales of this deck Rule of 6ing often and blowing people out of the water.

The percentile rankings show exactly what I just said – expected aember and insane efficiency. It also has a sneaky amount of creature control and enough aember control to stall out an opponent until the deck can go off with Battle Fleet or a huge Library Access.

Let’s break this down by house.

Logos: Library Access is probably the all-star here – the deck can use the triple Battle Fleet to build up an 8+ card Logos turn easily, not to mention its great interaction with double Wild Wormhole. Mobius Scroll provides great archiving alongside triple Labwork. Mother and Ganymede Archivist bring the efficiency theme onto the board to put the icing on the cake.

Mars: It’s all about Battle Fleet. Triple. Battle. Fleet. Total Recall provides great synergy in case the Fleets come in late, but there’s not much else to say here. Triple Battle Fleet.

Shadows:  When reading the archon card for this deck, Shadows can fly a little under the radar because of how good the Mars and Logos cards are. But this is where the sneaky-good creature control is, with cards like Lights Out, Relentless Whispers, and Special Delivery. Double Old Bruno and Dodger help out with some aember control as well. The Shadows suite is solid.

Sealed Mindset

Let’s pretend for a minute that we opened this deck in sealed. What’s our strategy as we shuffle up for our first game? My guess is that we’re hoping to use our Logos archiving to store away our Mars. Then, once we’ve found a Battle Fleet or two with maybe 4 or 5 other Mars cards, we try to “go off”. Alternatively, we could try to do this in reverse if the draw forces us, using Mars to draw into a big Library Access turn. We’re hoping not to call Shadows until we need timely aember or creature control, but we have some artifacts like Seeker Needle and Special Delivery that wouldn’t be the worst early plays. If we see a lot of Shadows in our opening hand, we’re probably going to mulligan.

Archon Mindset

If you’re playing archon and your opponent hands you this list to review for two minutes, what is the plan? Obviously, this depends on what you’re running. But it would be ideal to have some kind of disruption – Control the Weak to force them into Shadows early or Boir Nits Touch to maybe snag a Battle Fleet or Library Access. I think the best chance to slow this deck down is to take out those key engines, so I’d be thinking about what in my deck is going to help me do that and mulligan pretty aggressively. Again, this deck could go off at any moment, so we need answers early in the game or it will be too late. The other strategy would be to hold a big aember swing card like Interdimensional Graft or Too Much To Protect so that if opponent overextends too much into their combo, I can equalize.

Let’s Try It Out

I love playing with efficient decks, so I’m really excited to take this on a test drive! To do that, I took the deck through three competitive games on the Crucible. Let’s see if things play out as expected.

Game 1

Game 2

Game 3

Final Thoughts

Well, that deck certainly was a ton of fun! Game 1 really showed how this deck can just create incredible turns – I don’t think I’ve ever pulled off a combo quite like that before.

Thanks again for reading / watching – I sincerely appreciate it.

Happy forging!

Key Cowboy

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