Deck of the Week Ep 8 – Lateral Shift


Hello and welcome back for episode 8 of Deck of the Week. I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays and had lots to eat.

This week I thought I’d mix it up by focusing on a card instead of a deck – let’s take a look at Lateral Shift.

I feel like I’ve opened a million Worlds Collide decks and I’m still yet to open a single anomaly. Well, I’ve run out of patience. Lateral Shift is – in my opinion – not only the best anomaly, but it is arguably one of the best cards in Keyforge. This card does so much:

  1. Gives you perfect information on your opponent’s hand. This is invaluable. With perfect information, you can evaluate the board state and your options to craft a turn or two that will put you way out in front.
  2. Allows you to play the best card in their hand for whatever situation you’re in. If you need key control, why not see if your opponent is sitting on a Ronnie Wristclocks? Need a board clear? Your opponent may have exactly what you need. If you don’t need anything in particular, you can just pick whatever is the best card to help you in the long-run, maybe a Com Officer Kirby or a valuable artifact like Lash of Broken Dreams. If your opponent is holding a Control the Weak, they are in huge trouble.
  3. Forces your opponent to play their next turn with 5 cards. If you’re more interested in defense, you can look at your opponent’s hand and force them into an awkward turn. Say they have a clear board and a hand with 3 Brobnar, 2 Dis, and 1 Logos. By taking a Brobnar card, you’re forcing them into what is likely a weak 2-card turn. Or, by taking a very powerful Dis card, you may be forcing them into a Brobnar turn that they wanted to wait on.

The point is, this card seems insanely powerful to me. I couldn’t’ believe it the first time I read it. I want to see if it’s as powerful as it seems. To do that, I scoured for the perfect deck, and I found it in Dider “Volt” le saccage.

This deck has TWO Lateral Shift! So in my three games, I think I’m pretty likely to get a few chances at it. This deck is also very balanced – good aember control, speed, and disruption although it is light in aember generation and creature control. Those might be areas where I’ll look to my opponents’ hands for solutions to fill in the gaps.

Other new cards that I’m excited to play with here:

The Shadow Council: I’ve yet to play a game with one of the Worlds Collide “leaders”, and this seems like one of the best. Stealing two is a very powerful effect, but I’m curious how hard it is to keep these cards in the center of the battle line.

Sic Semper Tyrannosaurus: Beyond just having an amazing name for a card, I’ve seen how powerful this card can be. It does seem a bit situational to me, so I’m curious to see how it fares in playtesting.

Hologrammophone: I had this in my deck during VT Indy and wasn’t super impressed. I want to see how it does against non-Worlds Collide decks – I’m wondering if it is a better archon card than sealed. I highly doubt it, but I want to give it another chance. Paired with the Neutron Shark in this deck, I could see it performing well.

Let’s See it In Action!

But enough hypothesizing! Let’s see what this thing does in action. To do that, I took the deck through three competitive games on the Crucible. Let’s see if things play out as expected.

Note: As you’ll see in the videos, TCO had a bug which removed one of the Lateral Shifts from my deck. Very disappointing. But I hope you enjoy the games anyways.

Game 1:

Game 2

Game 3


Well, 1-2 isn’t the outcome I was hoping for. However, I did get to play Lateral Shift in every game and came away feeling about the same as I did coming in. Lateral Shift is a very powerful card. The downside is that if your opponent is playing different houses than you, playing a creature or artifact is kind of pointless – I hadn’t really considered this. Deck was interesting but I think its weaknesses were clearly exploited in games 2 & 3.

Final Thoughts

This week my final thoughts are around the announcement of the date for the World Championship in 2020.

Thanks again for reading / watching and I’ll see you next week.

Forge on!

Key Cowboy

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