Archon’s Odyssey

Archon’s Odyssey Ch. 2

By: Jupiter Sacadura (5thPlanetKF)

         It is time to learn how to harvest the power of the Archons. To do that, we will visit the laboratories of the infamous Doc Bookton and her partner, Doctor Escotera. They have been working on the fundamentals of Interdimensional Grafting and have turned efficiency into a science. Through their Strange Gizmos and Experimental Therapies, they have brought to life many of their inventions, such as the Helper Bots you see everywhere, the Rocket Boots that people ride around on, and the Anomaly Exploiter that generates the Wild Wormholes present throughout the labs that the Timetravellers use to explore infinite numbers of Remote Access points that they gather for the Data Forge. The ability to create keys from these exploits is evident, but Professor Sutterkin has decreed that it all be Redacted as it has been established that Knowledge is Power and the Effervescent Principles of the chemical reactions could be dangerous to unskilled scientists. The Labwork that is processed here is immediately cataloged into the Library of Babble; however, Library Access is, again, restricted. There was a time when the Library was open to all people, but there were those that abused it and evoked unrest amongst inhabitants of the crucible. Consequently, the Dimension Door to the Library was sealed and only top-level scientists, such as Dr. Milli, the Novu Archeologists, Quixo the Adventurer, and Ganymede Archivists, are allowed access. If you asked me, these Code Monkeys can take their Memory Chips and stick them where the Sanitation Engineers are the only ones who could remove them. 

Despite their posh and arrogant stature, there are a lot of Eureka moments that come from these Academy Training halls, so here we are. Listen to this brief about the power of the Archons from Doc Bookton and heed the details.

“Welcome, recruit. I see that you are learning about the power of the Archons. You want to know how to harness that energy and take it for your own, yes? Well, we are all puppets to these mystical creatures who oversee all things in the crucible. They allow us to believe that we are in control, but it is in their algorithms that we must find our salvation or death. They strategize tactics and fight over the vaults that they find. These aember shards are the key to the mysteries of the crucible. The shards are a finite resource holding infinite solutions to the questions of the crucible; hence, the gathering of aember is the single most advantageous venture one can accomplish. Don’t be overly distracted by the quarrels and fights that occur daily. War is not the end game. Our studies show that engaging in combat is only prudent when you are defending your position in the conflict. This conflict is won through proper attrition and the appropriation of aember to gain your vault keys. Each vault requires three keys. The price is steep, as are the rewards. The last bit of advice for you, padawan. Always listen to your elders, for you never know when you will be gaining Help from Your Future Self. Off with you now. I must get back to my soldering. These Helper Bot mods for the school must be completed since their previous Grammarbots decided to taunt the Brakken roadies, who didn’t take to their snobby remarks well. Cheers, and may the aember flow freely for you.”        

Thank you, Doc, for that interesting explanation. Is it possible that we can have you equip our friend, here, for Archon integration now that he has been indoctrinated into the spirit of the crucible? We still have so much to do in preparation for the coming conquests and so little time before we must start. Even as we speak, new champions are being brought into the mix and with limited resources, the competition will only get more tenacious. Now we are off to learn about what archons will accept you as their champion.

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