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Ryan aka “THE WOOKIE” has been a lifelong game in all forms of CCGs, and TCGs. He started out in Star Wars CCG made by Decipher when he was only eight. This lead to a life long love of CCGs and TCGs. This list includes not only Star Wars but Magic, DragonBall Z, Legend of the Five Rings CCG, Warlord, Vampire, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon and more. THE WOOKIE started playing Keyforge in February of 2019 and finished Top 32 at Adepticon.

THE WOOKIE is a father to three children. Two girls (Sophia and Lyvian) and a son (Jayme.) He is also a husband to his wife (Amanda.) When THE WOOKIE is not playing Keyforge he enjoys going out with his family to play Pokemon Go and Wizards Unite with his family as well as camping in Baraboo, Wisconsin.


Big Z is a lifelong gamer progressing from consoles when he was a child, to computer games when he was a young adult, and has become a dedicated board game player over the last five years. He has played over 1,000 games of KeyForge start to finish, was the thirteenth player to earn a Power Level Three Deck, he authored The DAERC Arts of Deck Evaluation article, is the Co-Host for the Archons Corner Podcast and helps organize the Decks of Keyforge Online Events through Challonge. He finished 3rd place in the Seattle Vault Tour and made day two in the Denver Vault Tour before succumbing to a 3rd turn loop. He finished 5th place in the Sealed Atlanta Vault Tour.

He organized the initial formation of Team SAS-LP and since then has taken on the role of Team Captain. Big Z loves KeyForge and wants nothing more than for the community to thrive as they continue to Forge Keys, Unlock Vaults, and Discover new wondrous elements of KeyForge.

5th Planet KF

Jupiter Sacadura loves his family, and it consumes his time with 7 kids under the 13-year-old threshold. He lives in central New York. He has been playing CCGs for the past 30 plus years and loves to focus on two things: the competition, and the community. When Keyforge was released he started off into the world of social media and was one of the first content producers for Keyforge. Currently, his focuses are on his master’s degree in New Media Journalism and preparing for the World Championships.

Recently he has started his own team that is going to focus on the international community and looks forward to bringing his progress and insights from that to the Archons Corner. Jupiter is always available to people who want to talk Keyforge day and night. Jupiter believes in connecting the right people to the right decks, and the right people to the people who have the knowledge in the things they need. BEWARE he is an addicted hugger, but rumor has it he gives the best hugs!

Justice Blinded



Van (pronounced Von) hails from the great state of Texas and has primarily been a PC/console gamer ever since she received an NES on her 5th birthday. Favorite games have included various MUDs, Myst, KotOR, WoW (Stormreaver <Original Gangstaz>), Final Fantasy, and Skyrim. KeyForge is Van’s first CCG and it all began with a Christmas gift from Big Z. Since then, she has been to four vaults and the NOVA Grand Championship. 

In the summer, Van loves going to SDCC (San Diego Comic-Con) and will continue to visit/pester FFG’s booth in hopes that they will promote KeyForge alongside Star Wars. If you get a chance to play against her, use a deck with a mechanic that you cannot get to fire. Her curse will make it work in your favor. If you see her at an event, feel free to approach but with caution – sometimes she spooks easily.


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