Time to Take a Closer Look

Time. If the rules of Hollywood have taught us anything, it’s that messing around in space and time doesn’t often end well. Of course, in the world of Keyforge, it firmly falls within the remit of house Logos to experiment in these areas, no matter what the outcome might be. 

As our very own Z.Y.X. Researcher says “We only concern ourselves with ‘can’; let the Sanctum worry about ‘should’”.

And we all know that the Sanctum won’t be around for a while.

So Logos definitely have a vested interest in the manipulation of time in terms of flavor, but their cards have been messing with the time line in games from the get go. Although, Logos lacked the punch in COTA that it now has in AOA, it has always had the power to bend the rules. And this was historically manipulated to such an extent that erratas had to be implemented. Anyone who ever managed to play Library Access more than once in a turn knows the power that drawing your whole deck can have. Where Bookton and Babble might have picked you up one or two cards per turn, multiple Access was off the scale. Although, getting to smash it twice or more was usually associated with Nepenthe Seed, Reverse Time was a massive, dimension bending joy in so many ways.

Cher would be proud.

Use good stuff, go back to the beginning, do it again. Where we have a whole host of options across houses to bring back a card or two, there isn’t anything powerful enough to turn your deck into those cards you just used. Of course this relies heavily on finding good cards early to make the most of the time being reversed. This is the Keyforge equivelant of hitting 88 in the Delorian.

Aside from drawing cards and literally reversing time, archiving is another strong weapon in the Logos arsenal. While you might not see this as relevant to the idea of time, several AOA cards seem to be using this mechanic as if to reverse certain events that occur in the game. The most obvious of these is probably Hexpion and her ability to simply drop back into the archive to be played again at some later turn. Dextre used to feel similar but clogged up your draw by jumping back to the top of your deck. Hexpion is better. But not as good as this little fellow.

Owl be back.

When AOA first dropped, nobody had any idea how good Archimedes could be. His ability was solid, of course, but it wasn’t until the ruling dropped to say that he had the potential to archive your whole battleline that the possibilities began to emerge.

With Archimedes triggering before the destruction of creatures in your line, you can effectively wipe the board, destroy your opponent’s creatures but archive yours to be played again. 

It’s better than reversing time. Your opponent is down an entire board. Your creatures are waiting for you to use them. They are waiting patiently in your archive, almost as if they’ve never been played.

You can further capitalise in a whole range of ways. Knowledge Is Power could net you a ton of Aember. But not only that, if you can manage to archive some cards with solid play abilities, you get them all over again. Flaxia, Wristclocks, Shooler, Eyegor, Helper Bot, Glimmer, Chota…


Naturally, the most time bending card of all is Marty McFly himself: Timetraveller.

Here is a card that does so much on his own without even delving into his counterpart ‘future self’. Aember and drawing two cards is enough without even throwing in a body that stays on the board. Help From Future Self is the part that bends time for you, that card just turns your Timetraveller into a recurring nightmare. Great flavor and a great card. In a world where our ‘special’ cards aren’t always so special, this guy stands out. Keep your horsemen.

So where do we go from here? Our time travel has been largely concerned with going back and doing the same things again. But what if we can look forward?

 “As the strange energy of the planet’s Æmber flows, glimpses of possible futures can burst into existence. These incredibly rare occurrences are known as Anomalies, and they can manifest in any House.”

FFG gave us this glimpse of what we can expect in Worlds Collide in their recent article about the upcoming set. AOA gave us Legacy cards, looking backwards. WC is going to show us the future.

Come with me if you want to…die?

I’m going to enter into the world of severe speculation here so bear with me, but I do feel as if these anomalies are going to give us much more than we expect. Thus far, we only have Grim Reaper to go on but he does tell us a lot.

He is not a Brobnar creature. The flavour, the traits, the art. This guy is far from a giant or goblin. The article clearly states that these anomalies can appear in any house. Is this because these anomalies come from houses that have yet to be introduced to the game? We now know that houses will be rotated and new ones introduced. Are these ‘glimpses of possible futures’ from completely new houses?

‘Haunted’ is a new mechanic. We’ve seen several cards from the new set. None of them feature the key word: Haunted. Although there are a few cards that have their own mechanics and even tokens, could Haunted be a future mechanic that will appear in several houses in the future?

Does Grim Reaper and Haunted offer insights to only a new House, or a whole set? As we move through the sets in Keyforge, is it possible that once it’s established, like MTG, we’ll end up with themed sets. In MTG, sets are often based on different ‘planes’ that offer different mechanics, art and ideas. Nature, horror, technology etc. Is Grim reaper and his new mechanic a glimpse of a horror themed set?

Ok. We don’t know. But that’s probably the most exciting part. Grim Reaper’s card number is A07 so I’m assuming at least 6 more of these exist if not more. They’re super rare, according to the article, but there could be countless examples in countless houses (well 7). FFG deserve some real credit with this. Grim Reaper is in no way OP. He will not win you games or make your deck excessively good but collectors are going to want these anomalies and sharing them in the community will give everyone a buzz. Did they just figure out a way to hand spoilers over to the whole community?

Even if they didn’t, they come with this cool electrical charge around edge of the card like it’s been sent from the future to destroy Sarah Connor.

The future looks bright, Keyforge players.

I’ll be back.


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